Sustainable Kintsugi

Honoring Tradition, Embracing Future

Crafting Beauty from Brokenness: A Commitment to Sustainability

Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese art form that repairs broken pottery using urushi lacquer and decorates with powdered metals, typically gold. This technique not only fixes the item but also highlights its flaws, celebrating the beauty of imperfections.
Kintsugi promotes sustainability by encouraging repair over disposal, reducing waste, and extending the life of cherished pieces. This practice aligns with modern values of resourcefulness and conservation, teaching us to appreciate and preserve what we have, making it a timeless example of eco-friendly craftsmanship.

Sustainable Practice

Eco-Conscious Kintsugi: Sourcing Broken Pottery for Upcycle

Embracing the Kintsugi philosophy, we prioritize the natural history and sustainability of each piece we restore. We source our broken vessels from trusted partners, including wholesalers and kilns across Japan. These vessels, damaged during production, transportation, earthquakes, or other unforeseen accidents, carry the passion and soul of Japanese craftsmen. We are honored to revive these pieces, transforming them into cherished works of art. This ensures their efforts are never wasted and supports our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Your purchases help sustain these initiatives and promote a more sustainable future for traditional craftsmanship.

Trusted Sources for Kintsugi Vessels

  • Kyoto ware: T.NISHIKAWA & CO., INC.
  • Nabeshima ware: Ichikawa Kozan Kiln
  • Ko-Imari ware: EN Co., Ltd.
Sustainable Kintsugi Project: Giving New Life to Broken Japanese Pottery. Shop Our Eco-Friendly Kintsugi Pieces!  (
Extracting Urushi Lacquer Sap: The Natural Resin Used in Kintsugi. Sustainable & Long-Lasting!  (

Materials From The Earth

Urushi Lacquer: Sustainable Beauty for Kintsugi

Experience the timeless beauty and environmental sustainability of our authentic Kintsugi pieces, restored with natural urushi lacquer. Extracted from lacquer trees, this eco-friendly resin has been cherished in Japan for centuries for its strong adhesion, durability, water resistance, and natural antiseptic properties. Unlike modern chemical paints, urushi lacquer creates heirlooms that can last for millennia.
When you choose our Kintsugi art, you're not just supporting traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices—you're also bringing home a piece of Japanese heritage that honors the environment!

Curious about how the urushi lacquer is used in Kintsugi?
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Eco-Friendly Packaging & Shipping

Sustainable Boxes & Carbon-Neutral Shipping

We are committed to environmentally friendly packaging and shipping for our Kintsugi pieces. Our packaging choices include traditional paulownia wood boxes, valued for their durability and sustainability in Japan since ancient times. Paulownia wood is lightweight, fast-growing, and renewable, requiring fewer resources to grow and harvest. Its natural resistance to insects and decay reduces the need for chemical treatments, making it an eco-friendly choice.
Additionally, we ship with DHL's GO GREEN PLUS program, which helps reduce carbon emissions and offset environmental impacts. These efforts ensure that our Kintsugi pieces reach you with minimal environmental footprint, reflecting our dedication to preserving nature.

Our kintsugi piece is delivered by

Sustainable Kintsugi Packaging: Beautiful Paulownia Wood Box Protects Your Piece. Shop Now! (

Embrace Sustainable Kintsugi in Every Detail

We embrace the sustainable philosophy of Kintsugi, cherishing every detail. Our commitment to harmony with the earth extends to all aspects of our business, from materials to eco-friendly packaging and shipping. We continually improve our practices to deliver sustainable Kintsugi pieces for years to come. ! By choosing our Kintsugi works, you are not only supporting a greener future but also preserving a beautiful, time-honored tradition!

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