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Mar 04, 2024

How to Appreciate Authentic Kintsugi Pottery

The key to appreciating authentic Kintsugi pieces is to understand the ideas of mitate, imagining an analogy of Kintsugi in something else. By imaginatively holding a Kintsugi scene, you can recall the history of the vessel and become more attached to it.

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Authentic Kintsugi Pottery
Aug 18, 2023

Kintsugi Philosophy

Kintsugi, the art of repairing broken pottery with urushi and decorating it with gold powder, has evolved from just a Japanese lacquer art form to a globally recognized philosophy. This philosophy embraces imperfection and finds beauty in celebrating the scars, aligning with concepts such as "mottainai" and mindfulness. Our blog discusses this evolution and how Kintsugi promotes self-healing, sustainability, and unity in a divided world.

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Ancient Japanese tea room
Jun 17, 2023

Revolution of Kintsugi

Unearth the captivating revolution of Kintsugi in this blog post. We delve into the past, unraveling the golden evolution of this art form, tracing its historical roots, exploring iconic works, and highlighting the key contributors who have made Kintsugi the celebrated symbol of resilience it is today.

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Authentic Kintsugi Pottery bowl in use
Jun 06, 2023

Origins of Kintsugi

Discover the fascinating origins of Kintsugi, Japan's golden art of repair. Uncover its secret birth, understand the significance of ancient lacquer repairs, and the pivotal role of the tea ceremony in its evolution. Immerse yourself in this story of beauty, born from brokenness.

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