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The Ancient Japanese Aesthetic of Sustainable Upcycling

The Kintsugi Labo JAPAN brings you the sustainable world view that is not “good as new”, but “better than new”.
Our Kintsugi is a Contemporary Art that reconnects a world that has been divided.

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What's Kintsugi?

Kintsugi is a unique Japanese technique in which broken vessels are repaired using urushi (Japanese lacquer). In Japan, imperfections such as cracks and stains on vessels are considered to create value. The typical way of thinking is that broken vessels must be discarded. However, we believe upcycling gives new life to such vessels and enriches the lives of those who use them. By reviving the spirit of the craftsman, who has poured his or her time into the piece, the vessels can be upcycled rather than being thrown away. This is what modern, sustainable luxury is all about. We hope that you, too, see the beauty in Kintsugi, a practice which conveys the Japanese spirit.

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Our Happy Customers


R. C.

Utah, USA

It’s still an absolutely beautiful vessel in the traditional Hagi style, and the kintsugi repair by Mr. Suginaka really looks like it belongs in a museum or art exhibition. I was so pleased to find your import business online, and the effort that you have made to connect talented artisans and customers like me who can appreciate the effort and beauty of kintsugi is very much appreciated. I certainly hope to become a loyal future customer, and will tell others who are interested in your company what a pleasure it has been doing business with you. 

S. K.

Washington, USA

I was finally able to give my son, the kintsugi sake cup that I had purchased for him from you in late November. He absolutely loved it. It is truly a beautiful piece. The original Kiyomizu ware cup was beautiful in its own right and the repairs deftly and artfully applied by Mr. Suginaka only enhanced its beauty. We also appreciated the gifts you included as well as the all natural box. I also want to let you know that the information you provide on your website regarding your philosophy and business model adds to our enjoyment of the piece.

D. N.

New South Wales, Australia

We purchased the "Unique Kintsugi Meoto Sake Cup set (Gold & Silver)" for our eldest son's birthday and we were extremely pleased with it! We were particularly impressed with how quickly it arrived and how beautifully it was presented. I'm sure our son will love this exquisite and unique gift!

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Our finest Works

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Our proud master

Kintsugi artist

nobuyasu suginaka

He is a master urushi artisan who uses not only kintsugi, but also various techniques such as lacquering, foil stamping, and maki-e, and is known for his beautiful finishes.

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