Where to buy Kintsugi pottery in Japan?

Book your visit now to one of the few Kintsugi specialty shops in Japan!

Visit The Kintsugi Labo JAPAN! Our workshop in Shiga Prefecture, next to Kyoto, offers a unique shopping experience for Kintsugi enthusiasts. Our store staff will pick you up at the nearest JR Maibara station and take you to our workshop, just a 20-minute drive. View and purchase the same exquisite Kintsugi pieces that are available in our web store. We offer the Kintsugi experience free of charge only to customers who purchase our Kintsugi piece at our workshop
As we are not always open, appointments are required. Please use the form below to schedule your visit at least 1 week in advance.
Come and discover the beauty and philosophy of this timeless Japanese art form!

Where to buy Kintsugi pottery in Japan?

A Wide range of Authentic Kintsugi artworks

Discover the largest selection of authentic Kintsugi pieces in Japan at our workshop! Whether you're a collector or a curious visitor, immerse yourself in the world of Kintsugi.

Kintsugi experience

A Calming Kintsugi Experience

A special complimentary Kintsugi experience under the direct guidance of a skilled Kintsugi Master is available exclusively to customers who purchased our Kintsugi piece!

Nagahama castle near Kintsugi workshoip

Nearby Sightseeing Spots

Nagahama castle and more

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Payment cards accepted at Kintsugi ShopKintsugi-Worldwide-Shipping.png__PID:06316004-9cb3-4f50-976b-e40912ef9a06

Please be advised that payment must be made in Japanese yen by credit card only at the exchange rate of the day of your visit.
If you have any concerns about taking both the Kintsugi piece you purchased and the plate you worked on home on the day, we offer international shipping (excluding some areas). We can conveniently ship them together to your home at a later date if you would prefer.

Reservation Form


  • Fill out all fields marked with an asterisk* and submit the form.
  • We will email you a confirmed date and time after coordinating the schedules of our Kintsugi artist and store staff. To finalize your reservation, reply to our confirmation email by the due date if the schedule is acceptable.
  • Our confirmation email will be sent from info@isono-revitalizing-office.jp. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam folder.

Important Notes:

  • We regret that we are unable to accept last-minute reservations with less than one week's notice or customers who only wish to tour our studio or experience Kintsugi without the intention of purchasing our Kintsugi pieces.
  • You may view and purchase the same Kintsugi pieces currently available in our web store at our studio. However, since online orders take priority, please inform us in advance if you would like to reserve any pieces until your visit.
  • We are pleased to offer the same prices as our online store, but please note that sales tax is included in the retail price because our studio is not tax-free.
  • We offer our Kintsugi experience free of charge exclusively to customers who purchase a Kintsugi piece at our studio. Although the full traditional Kintsugi process takes several months, you will participate in the final steps. This hands-on experience involves applying quick-dry urushi lacquer to a small dish and sprinkling it with brass powder.
  • Please allow three hours for your entire visit, including travel time and the kintsugi experience.
  • Your request may not be accommodated depending on our availability.

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Fill in 1st and 2nd Choice of Desired Date and Meeting time at JR Maibara Station

Meeting time is Afternoon only, not available in the morning.

Testimonials from Kintsugi Shoppers

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A customer from Texas U.S.

"There are many shops selling "Kintsugi like" pieces, but The Kintsugi Labo JAPAN is the only shop that I trusted and wanted to buy the authentic Kintsugi pieces from in Japan. Considering not only the stunning Kintsugi techniques, but also the value of the original vessels, I don't think the price range is too expensive. It's very much worth coming here to buy."

Where to buy Kintsugi pottery in Japan