Unique Kintsugi
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Unique Kintsugi
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup
Kintsugi Sake cup

Unique Kintsugi Meoto Sake Cup set (Gold & Silver)


Special holiday price!

As this Kintsugi piece is one-of-a kind, we can offer only until it has sold.

Product Description

<About Kintsugi Part>
In order to create a new sustainable value, Mr. Suginaka, an urushi (Japanese  lacquer) Meister, repaired the chips using Kintsugi, a unique Japanese ware repair method.
While using black urushi (Japaese lacquer) as a base to complement the color of the original ware, gold and silver are incorporated in pairs to express the bond between partners.

<About the Original Vessel>
These vessels called "Shigaraki ware" had been cracked in the kiln during production, and was supposed to be discarded as unsalable.
Shigaraki is a name of the production area in Shiga, prefecture and located next to Kyoto.
Shigaraki ware has been prized as tea utensils since ancient time.
Shigaraki ware characterized by its unique aesthetic sense of "cold and dry beauty", which is a spirit of "SADO (tea ceremony)". It represents a dignified and refreshing feeling in the crisp air of early winter when trees wither.
Unlike Kyo ware, the artist creates the pottery by himself/herself from start to finish. As each piece is handmade, no two pieces are alike. This makes the piece a valuable work of art.

<Thoughts Behind the Piece>
Gold and silver have the meaning of expressing Wabi-sabi while maintaining a sense of luxury and elegance in Japan.
We created a set of two Kintsugi pieces with the hope that you will have an elegant sake time or tea time with your loved ones.
Why don't you spend a wonderful time with one-of-a-kind Kintsugi wares?

May you feel the beauty of imperfection in Kintsugi.

All materials we use are natural and do not have any risks of toxicity.

The piece comes with a Paulownia box, including care advises, a mini thanks gift, and a certificate of origin and quality.


Product Details

 Ø90 H63mm / 180ml
260g (2cups)
Vessel: Pottery
Kintsugi & Maki-e portion: 24K gold powder, silver powder, natural Japanese lacquer
Production Days 2 months
Kintsugi Artist 
Nobuyasu Suginaka, Shiga JAPAN
Production area of vessel 
Shigaraki ware, Shiga JAPAN
Usage  Tableware (food-safe)

As a general rule, our delivery area is only available in USA, UK, Canada and Australia. If you are not from one of these countries and wish to purchase our product, please send us a message in English using the INQUIRY FORM. Thank you.

How to care for Kintsugi Piece

  • After use, wash the pieces using a soft sponge and food-safe detergent.
  • Rinse them in lukewarm or cool water and completely dry them using a soft dish cloth.
  • Do not soak them in hot or cold water for long periods of time. This may cause the urushi or maki-e lacquer to peel or fracture.
  • The urushi (Japanese lacquer) may break or the maki-e lacquer decoration may peel off if the piece is dropped or if it collides with other hard objects. Please handle these pieces carefully.
  • Do not place these pieces in the microwave or dishwasher.

Taxes & Duties - Please Note:

Import duties, taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping cost. These charges associated with buying goods from abroad are the responsibility of the customer. You might therefore still be billed for these fees and handling. For more information, please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.
We appreciate your understanding.

Our Opening campaign!

Urushi Plate

As a special offer, a small lacquer plate will be given to those who purchase our products.
The pattern of the plates is completely left up to us, so you cannot choose the pattern in advance.
You'll have to wait until it arrives to find out which plate it is!


ethical features

Natural Materials

Our Kintsugi products are made only from renewable and natural materials.

Broken Vessels for Kintsugi

We never use vessels that have been intentionally broken to make kintsugi pieces.


We are packing with a traditional Japanese material called paulownia, which grows quickly and has a low environmental impact.

Our Kintsugi quality

Certificate of origin & quality

We enclose a certificate to guarantee the quality of our Kintsugi.
Please purchase with confidence.
As a general rule, we do not allow purchases for the purpose of resale.