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Academic Mission

Our academic mission is to train professionals to understand and practice Japanese Kintsugi from a traditional aspect, and to be able to create new and creative ideas on top of that.

Certificate Policy

Awarded to individuals who fully understand the characteristics of urushi lacquer and can make a cultural contribution through the traditional kintsugi techniques they have mastered.

*A certificate of completion will be awarded to those who successfully complete the entire program.

Program Details

Teaching Members

Learn Kintsugi from a Master: Nobuyasu Suginaka, Urushi Expert

Nobuyasu Suginaka

Kintsugi Instructor

Meet your instructor, a master lacquer artist with over 35 years of experience. He will enhance your kintsugi skills through meticulous instruction based on a deep understanding of urushi lacquer techniques and a wealth of reliable knowledge.

Kintsugi Master's Apprentices: Carrying on the Tradition

Ken and Michie

Kintsugi Assistants

Accompanying you on your journey will be my wife and I, formal apprentices of the Master. We'll enrich your experience with lectures on the origins and history of Kintsugi, provide an English translation throughout the program, and offer unwavering support during your stay!

Venue & Schedule

  • Venue: Urushi workshop called SOWEIDO located in Nagahama City, Shiga Prefecture JAPAN
  • Dates: July 2024 (Detailed schedule to be announced.)
  • Class time: 7 hours/day (subject to change)
  • Duration: Total 3 week program. Holidays during the program are negotiable depending on the progress of your work.

Tuition & Paymant

  • Tuition fees: USD5,000 per person for 3 weeks, including materials and tools. Travel to Japan and accommodation during the period are excluded.
  • Payment due: Pay in full within 14 days of receiving notification of program approval.
  • Payment method: Full payment via PayPal. Payment methods other than PayPal are negotiable.
  • Scholarship: Not available


Please note that our workshop is located in a rural area with limited accommodation options for foreign guests. However, upon confirmation of your acceptance into the program, we will arrange a guesthouse for international participants located approximately 15 minutes by bicycle from our workshop.
The estimated cost of accommodation is approximately 90,000 yen per person for a 20 night stay, excluding meals. Further details regarding payment methods and other arrangements will be provided upon confirmation.

Accommodations to be arranged (May be different accommodation depending on availability.)

The Kishida House


  • This program is designed to cultivate expertise in the restoration of various types of vessels through the mastery of urushi lacquer application techniques applicable to various broken conditions. In addition, a comprehensive understanding of the cultural and philosophical underpinnings of kintsugi is an integral part of the program's curriculum.
  • All kintsugi classes are taught in English.
  • The program begins with a lecture on the origins and history of Kintsugi using our original Kintsugi textbook, which explains all about Kintsugi.
  • During the hands-on training, you will learn the entire traditional kintsugi technique using urushi lacquer, especially as it relates to repairing broken ceramics.
  • The traditional Kintsugi process takes more than 3 weeks to complete a single vessel. Therefore, this program will use prepared materials to allow participants to practice each step of the process within the 3-week timeframe.
  • Depending on how well the urushi is fixed, you may be able to take home a vessel that has been sprinkled with metal powder in the final process.
  • You will also learn how to make spatulas and other tools used in kintsugi.
  • If you have vessels that you would like to repair with kintsugi, you are welcome to bring them.
  • Trip to a Japanese urushi lacquer factory (1 day)
  • Trip to a cultural site related to Kintsugi (1 day)
  • Trip to a shrine or temple where the lacquer artist has restored the poles and floors with urushi lacquer. (1 day)
Students Learn Kintsugi Techniques: Past Program Scene
Learning Beyond the Studio: Kintsugi Field Trip to Kyoto
From Apprentice to Artisan: Kintsugi Journey Complete.

Application Guidelines

Student Voice

Discover real stories! Hear firsthand from our alumni about her experiences with us.

Kintsugi Master, Students, and Apprentices: A Collaborative Journey

Marina. D

Student at the University of Barcelona

I joined this program to write my first university thesis on kintsugi. They are so professional in kintsugi and I am overall satisfied with the program, emphasizing the supportive learning environment and the comprehensive knowledge gained in both practical and theoretical aspects of urushi and kintsugi techniques. I have overcome initial communication challenges and am now confident in my ability to restore pieces independently. I am eager to explore urushi and lacquering techniques further in the future and plan to incorporate kintsugi into my career path, possibly starting a kintsugi service business. This program is perfect for those who want to learn kintsugi and urushi lacquer professionally.


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